Our Process

The Oberweis Aperture

Oberweis Asset Management, Inc. is focused on investing in small- and mid-cap stocks around the world. All of our strategies are based on behavioral finance anomalies.

Through the Value-Centric Lens

When seeking undervalued opportunities, our focus reflects an approach consistent with and complementary to our other strategies in many ways. Our value team specializes in Mosaic Theory in order to identify occurrences of mispricing by the broader market. Utilizing a multi-step, highly disciplined process, we take publicly available information and establish a unique, value-oriented and often contrarian view which is the Oberweis Value Aperture.

The Oberweis Value Aperture focuses attention on the signals indicating potential undervaluation while reducing the emphasis markets place on price- dislocating noise. This enables our team to strategically identify mismatches between consensus expectations and underlying fundamentals.

The Aperture strategy provides a depth of perception by separating rumors from facts to see the nature of each company’s situation more clearly, free of behavioral biases and widely held expectations.

This disciplined approach also provides a natural stability and consistency to the strategy’s return profile by balancing risk with the potential for behaviorallybased appreciation.

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